What you need to know about living in Woodfield Country Club Boca Raton

October 10, 2021

Written by Ricky Estera

Woodfield is surrounded by open and safe gates that are accessible 24 hours each day, on 830 acres of lush tropical landscapes and sparkling lakes. The luxury family-friendly private club is situated in the heart of the picturesque Boca Raton FL. Woodfield Country Club was recognized as a 5- Star Platinum Club of America since 2006. The community consisted of a total of 1300 homes found across 20 different villages and towns. Each village has an elaborate architectural style resulting in its own distinct charm and atmosphere. Residences at Woodfield range in size between 1,500 and thousands of square feet and range in sizes from 10500 square feet. For listed properties click on the link below. Call Ricky Estera 561-212-0111 to find out more about Woodfield Country Club.


Pool & Playgrounds for Children

Woodfield has an interactive water playground fenced with water and offers plenty of splashing fun including a slideshow. Children can play climb slides and swings in our dry indoor playgrounds all under sheltered shades. Lifeguards regularly improve life-saving skills throughout daily lessons. Swimming lessons can be had with children who earn their water wings. Children and teens can also enjoy poolside weekends filled with music and game played monthly by a DJ. Find out more by visit the playground zone or visit the playground.

Salon & Spa

Woodfield Country Club also offers a full-service Salon and Spa in which members can be relaxing and enjoying while looking their best. The professional staff at the salon offer a variety of services in a warm atmosphere including pedicures, teeth whitening, facial services hair removal and styling hair. The club’s luxury spa offers a variety of personal services to help members relax and de-stress including organic facials, body scrubs, aromatherapy and massage treatments.

Game room

Teens have their own sanctuary where they can play and socialise at leisure and be alone without supervision. The boardroom is monitored by a staff member during the day. The space is full of an entire collection of complimentary video and arcade games which are continually changed to provide variety – your teens will always return for more! This Game Rooms will be opened to students and staff until the end of the school year.


Woodfield Country Club is home to its 364,000 square foot fitness complex as well as the latest technology. The fitness center also offers an expansive group fitness schedule offering over 40 classes every week including Zumba, Yoga, Body Sculpting and Aquacise. There’s also a fully equipped fitness studio with everything an individual needs to complete a comprehensive training program.


The Woodfield Community Pool Complex features a 12,000 square feet heated Lagoon-type pool, separate lap pool and surrounded aquatic activities for kids. The pool complex is nestled in lush exotic flora and elaborate stonework making it the perfect place to enjoy a casual meal on the beach or a refreshing beverage in the outdoor bar. It also boasts a fencing-in sewage treatment lagoon.

Junior dining

Our convenient menu with a “To Go” option allows you to get delicious meals on-demand. We even deliver if you’re too busy with the children to drive to the club. Gluten free and vegetarian versions are always possible. The menu entails an excellent assortment of chicken tenders, steaks, salmon steamed broccoli, fresh fruit edamame and salad. For more details please click on the link.

Tennis junior

Every year, we host a parent-student team tournament and even the crown champs in our senior singles & junior doubles clubs’ championship. Throughout the summer Juniors have the opportunity to compete against locally owned players in the Interclub matches and Junior USTA tournament events. Holiday camp, summer camp and after school programs complete our bustling Junior Tennis program.


Woodfield offers six wonderful dining places starting from formal to informal with all menus prepared by their well skilled chefs. Menus available at the clubs.

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